For prospective students in Ishikawa Lab


No matter what the university application instruction says, don't send me an email asking me if you can apply. You can always apply.

I cannot answer if you would be accepted as I don't have all the information. Even if you sent me your resume and all the transcripts and test results, I wouldn't know what other applicants might be like. It is competitive so whether you are accepted also depends on how good others are.

So don't send me an email. I cannot judge if those emails are serious. They seem to be boilerplate mass emails and there are too many to reply to them all. So I don't even read them, much less reply. If you send me such an email, I will know that you did not read this page, meaning you are not serious about applying. If you are serious, just apply. Don't send me an email.

If you actually apply, I assume it is serious and consider the application. But see below about the test scores.

Test Scores

If you are applying to Waseda for graduate study in the English program and thinking of listing me as an advisor, consider including your TOEFL and GRE scores in your application, regardless of what the university requires (obviously, if you are a native speaker of English, or lived more than 10 years in an English-speaking country, you can omit the TOEFL.)

Include in the application your scores in TOEFL and GRE General Test. If possible at all, also include your score in GRE Subject Test in either Computer Science or Mathematics.

I strongly advise that you include these scores. If they are not included, I tend to deny admittance, unless you have extremely good grades from an internationally renowned university.

Research Area

Think hard if you really want to study in my lab. Look at my publications and see if you are interested at all. The researches in my lab are almost exclusively implemented in software. Basically, you cannot do anything involving development of hardware, such as robots. Consider other professors if you want to do hardware.

No Summer Internship

Currently, there is no summer internships in my lab.